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For the first time in history, no one in big media has real access to the inner workings of the leading presidential candidate. 


I’m not talking about Biden. Big media and its dutiful little employees actually do have the goods on Biden. Every Friday night those stressed-out Gen Z handlers at the White House are spilling the proverbial tea … and the picture isn’t pretty. No…. I’m talking about Team Trump. 


How, for the first time in history, no one in Big Media actually knows what’s going on on the inside. So you’ve noticed in recent months the constant use of the word ‘chaotic’ to describe Trump and his team. True to their personalities, big media types are writing off as “chaotic” anything they don’t understand. 


And they don’t understand Trump or his new team. 


These talking heads have no clue what is happening inside Team Trump because they have no sources. Journalists on the election beat… even the folks over at the Wall Street Journal who usually have great sources… have no contacts on the inside willing to spill anything. Strategic drops here and there? Sure. But nothing of substance. This is driving the media crazy. 


Go ahead, listen for any evidence they might offer. Normally bigwig know-it-all, wannabe Carl Bernsteins, will say things like “I have it on good authority…” or, “my sources tell me…” but notice how you hear none of that when they discuss the Trump team?


The simple fact is one that no one in big media is willing to admit. They have no sources! Not even those invented ones they affectionately call “anonymous” sources. Big media have no one on the inside in Team Trump willing to talk or leak. 


You see… Trump, the savvy businessman that he is, learned from 2020 and brought in exactly the right pilots to run his campaign. Susie Wiles and Chris LaCivita are hard-nosed loyalists - they’ll fight to the end and take every secret they have to the grave. They have no room for nonsense, and they certainly have zero pity for disloyalty. LaCivita is a Marine. Wiles is a political dragon slayer. They’re tough and they’re tight and it shows. Wiles and LaCivita are rarely surprised and never frazzled. As a result, Team Trump is smooth and running on all cylinders. They’re not the dream team, they’re the dream machine and it’s driving the media nuts. 


As a result, the yapping media munchkins are being surprised day after day at every turn. And while they’re in the business of reporting surprises, I can tell you right now, reporters hate surprises. And they’re failing miserably. Look at the journalist layoffs for this year alone. The layoff chart looks like Biden’s border crisis. 


So for those who are clinging to their jobs for dear life, to cover for the cardinal sin of having zero sources to back up their pet theories, the media is resorting to a classic tactic of the egotistically fragile; they’re resorting to dismissing anything they don’t understand as “chaotic.”


And that’s why you’re hearing the word “chaotic” to describe Team Trump over and again when the reality is anything but. It’s arguably one of the smoothest running campaigns behind the scenes of any campaign besides FDR in his fourth term. 


If you want chaos, pull back any curtain at the white house. Talk about chaos. There’s a house that has no idea what it’s doing, no idea where it is, and no idea what to do, yet they’re running around as fast as they can. Their latest ploy was forgiving student debt for the chance at winning an extra ten voters.


That, dear listener, is the definition of chaos.

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