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First aired March 15, 2024


They’re calling the Trump RNC takeover a bloodbath. It sure is. And it should’ve happened years ago. 


Before Trump, the Republican National Committee was drowning in a pool of their own driveling irrelevance. Their fundraising numbers were tanking, their voter turnout looked like the Biden economy. They were old, fat, and ugly and no amount of Botox or facelifting was about to fix it. But Trump revived the party by reviving the country - bringing more voters and more money than any single American candidate in U.S. political history. 


But the establishment couldn’t bring themselves to admit this. Why? Because Trump did it without them.  In early 2019, I listened in on a meeting with top leaders in the Republican party discussing their campaign strategy for Trump’s second term. “Trump’s win” they confided, “was…a fluke…” then with a knowing grin, they’d say: “now that the political adults are in the room, we’re the machine. Trump’s first win was an accident” 


This was a confession, not a strategy. A confession that they had no idea what to do with someone who wouldn’t play their game. Trump didn’t play their game. And the American people were behind Trump. 


Fast forward to the Trump takeover of the RNC with Lara Trump and Michael Whatley at the helm and the Republican party’s conversion into the America First party is complete. There is no going back. And the reactions are predictable: you’ve got the activist liberal press and their DNC sponsors wailing in horror, and you’ve got the old guard Republicans, grumbling as they shrivel into long-deserved obscurity… 


So the best they can do is to weep at the fact that “Trump is installing his own people.” 


Well of course he is! This is the winner’s prize! In chess, if you successfully move your pawn through the board to the other side without capture, you pick the replacement. It’s called promotion - an upgrade. And that’s what Trump did. He’s moved all his players to the other side and now the RNC gets a promotion across the board.  He’s replaced the old guard with a new guard, and the gloves are off. 


The money will flow. And this time, instead of channeling all those donations into the pockets of cookie-cutter political consultants, the money is going to lawsuits, lawsuits, and more lawsuits; the kind with teeth. 


Look at Michigan. Before the takeover, the liberal secretary of state was sitting comfortably. She knew there was a lawsuit brewing from within the RNC against her about dirty voter rolls, but she also knew the establishment wasn’t very passionate about it… but now that team Trump is in charge of the RNC… there is no turning back on this lawsuit. 



23 counties have voter registration rates of 90% or more. 


Voter rolls with voters who died 34 years ago are still “registered” to vote in Michigan… and they’re voting Democrat in the thousands. Their records are not being updated, and these dead voters are still licking stamps to mail their votes in… the Democrats have no problem with this.


This lawsuit is one of many to come. The new team at the RNC is laser-focused on issues far beyond Trump’s second term. Issues like the integrity of our elections. The Trump RNC takeover is just a harbinger of a full metamorphosis of American politics. 


This is the solidification of the movement Trump started, of America First as a movement not just a presidential term. The Republican party will be America First. And every establishment cockroach who doesn’t play along will be run out of town. They’ll have to scramble their crumbs from other pantries. 

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