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Fine Point Episode 1 | Aired January 28, 2024 on OAN

There is no Constitutional argument for Texas going to war with Biden’s federal government. But Texas doesn't care. Texas knows at the end of the day, Biden doesn't have the guts.

The Supreme Court ruled that border agents are allowed to cut Texas-installed razor wire at the border… and Texas is not only ignoring this ruling but also doubling down, adding more razor wire to maintain some semblance of sovereignty against this invasion. Texas seized control of Eagle Pass Park earlier in January… they’re holding fast. They’re holding strong. Democrats are calling on Biden to forcefully seize the Texas National Guard. But half of America’s governors have declared they stand with Texas on this one… some are willing to send their state’s National Guard to back the Lone Star state against the federal government. American truckers and farmers are rallying in support.

A lot of commentators have thrown around the “civil war” phrase to describe this standoff. But I think this is hyperbole.

Biden and his minions are cowards. Biden only has the guts to start world wars, not civil wars.

Biden is happy to allow his Iranian spies to stoke a war in the Middle East. He’s happy to bribe Ukraine to cover up money trails. But actual war on American soil? Not a chance. Neither the people nor the military are on his side. Biden knows it. The people in DC and the Pentagon are on his side… yes… but they are outnumbered. And they all know that.

Civil war is close combat. It’s the knife fight in the elevator; fast, high stakes, deadly. That’s not to say a nuclear bomb-led world war isn’t also fast and high stakes, but it’s a beast of a different stripe and species.

Biden is the senile coward brave enough to start a world war to distract from his druggie son Hunter, but too chicken to face a civil war addressing actual issues. That’s why it’s likely Biden won’t push very hard here. He just doesn’t have the stomach or the state of mind.

President Clinton had the courage to kill American women and children under Janet Reno. Remember Waco? 1993. The lapdog media gushed and gushed over America’s first female attorney general. Within four weeks of Janet Reno taking office, Reno told the FBI to go ahead and gas the kids in Waco. Literally. Toxic gas to take out the threat of American women and children who were part of a small cult in rural Texas. Crazy people who thought their leader was Jesus? Sure. But since when did we execute crazy in this country? When Congress later asked Reno why she also sent military tanks to smash into the compound, Janet Reno told us in defiance that the Bradley tanks were more like “a good rent-a-car.” Eighty-two Americans were killed because of this abominable hag. Twenty-eight of them children. All died suffocated by smoke - some burned alive in an inferno that raged for days directly because of Janet Reno. Where the government’s duty is to protect its citizens, in one fell swoop, the Clinton-Reno Democrats demonstrated to the world that Democrats use the government to control the people, not to protect the people.

The Branch Davidian compound ablaze in Waco, TX at the orders of then AG Janet Reno, 1993. 28 children were killed.

The psychopathic mettle it takes to do this? That’s the Ku Klux Klan Democrat generation for you. That’s the Clinton generation. They had the stomachs to do such things. Frankly, Biden doesn’t have the stomach because he knows he’s just not that bright.

Generally, the more intelligent, the more able one is to justify their behavior and bend it to some moral high ground.

Biden’s IQ was always subterranean. That’s why he plagiarized his way through life.

 Notice how Biden doesn’t tend to justify his behavior? He denies any wrongdoing altogether. But the Janet Reno generation of Democrats were good at justifying their evil or… they were just really comfortable with the practice of lying.

In 1993, sitting before understandably irate Republican lawmakers, Janet Reno essentially justified the deaths of nearly thirty American children in Texas by saying it was for their own good.

Ultimately, it was a “we killed the children in order to protect them” sort of argument.

Bill Clinton's Attorney General, Janet Reno.

And why did she send in such a force against this rural cult in Texas? She says the FBI told her that babies were being spanked. New records now show that the FBI knew for a fact this was not true. No one knows where this spanking babies story comes from but someone was lying in order to justify their actions. Either overzealous FBI agents who wanted to live out their fantasy of shooting machine guns out of helicopters or saint Reno justifying her sins again.

This classic tactic of liberal do-gooder logic is, like Reno sending in the tanks, all about control, not protection. Ultimately, Reno got away with it because the media was infatuated with her and would do anything to protect her. Plus, the RINO king, Missouri Senator Jack Danforth leading the Waco probe let her off scott-free. There’s always that one senator… today he's known as the king of the NeverTrumpers - he still has a hand installing political protégés in Congress.

In any case, Biden won’t have the courage or the intelligence to face real Americans at the border. But one thing Biden’s border crisis and Janet Reno’s Waco massacre have in common… Biden will choose to control Americans instead of protecting Americans.

Despite the crisis of two and a half million border encounters for 2023 alone… despite the S.O.S. Texas has sent by bussing 95,000 illegals to Democrat sanctuary cities, despite a humanitarian crisis and national security threat at the border, Biden chooses to control the American people over protecting the American people. Just as Janet Reno did. If it takes killing the kids to protect them, then fire away. Instead of protecting us they need to control us. Given the option to protect or control, Biden picks control every time. He’s doing nothing to protect us. Worse, we’re defending ourselves against the attacker, and Biden's there tying our hands behind our backs.

So far, the Biden DOJ, rather than helping solve this crisis at the border, has threatened to sue Texas over their new law that allowed state authorities to arrest, prosecute, and deport illegals from the state. The Biden DOJ outright sued Texas when it put up floating barriers to try to protect U.S. sovereignty. See the pattern?

The Senate has scrambled to put some kind of border deal together. It won’t matter. At the end of the day, we watch a bold standoff between Texas and the so-called federal government.

Biden doesn’t have the guts of Janet Reno to tell the troops to pull the trigger. Not this time. He doesn’t have the guts because he doesn’t have the backing. The FBI might be willing to shoot up Americans and lock up innocents, but our military won’t.

At least not yet.

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